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Cultural Encounters in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Visitors who decide to take safaris to Rwenzori Mountains national park can discover the calm, polite farming village identified as Ruboni which is home to an estimate 2,000 Bakonzo people living at the foothills of the mountains of Rwenzoris.

While at this area visitors can walk with the villagers as they show to visitors their daily activities which range from raring their traditional animals and crops to preparing nice delicious Ugandan meals with the freshest ingredients.

The guide can also lead visit to meet the blacksmith and traditional healer of the area, guests can also meet basket weavers and storytellers, and enjoy a vibrant dance performance organized by the locals to entertain the visitors who have paid tour to them.

Alternatively, your guide will lead you along the River full of rocks also called Mubuku River. Ruboni according to the local language of the people living in this area means clear water in and here also visitor will required to follow this crystal-clear stream and visitors can enjoy watching villagers who will be passing while carrying crops and wood.

When the trail is almost ending visitors are rewarded with clear view of the many colorful native birds such as the Rwenzori Turaco as well as the tiny sunbirds and Cinnamon-chested Bee-eaters. The area even houses the color changing chameleon as well as squirrels and vervet monkeys among others.

Look out for Baker and Portal Peaks rising above the forests. On a clear day the snow-capped Margherita Peak is also visible – a truly spectacular sight.

Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail

This trail is anticipated to take visitors six to seven hours walk through the holy valley and other sites of great cultural importance to the Bakonzo tribe.

A community guide will introduce visitors to the traditional healer and also explaining how the powers of the healer work and finally visitors are guided to the local blacksmith, who will reveal the spiritual importance of each and every traditional stool of the Bakonzo community. Basket weaving and fire making skills are also demonstrated along the route.

The trail then takes you across the Kamusonge River whose waters are believed to be sweet and react very quickly to slowdown the thirst.

After some good time of moving visitors will be given time to rest while enjoying magnificent mountain views as well as shelter from the equatorial sun, Then after the break visitors are requested to continue with the journey for one final hour and this will take them through the museum which is thatched in the traditional Konzo style.

On display of the museum are the equipment’s that were used during the Rwenzururu struggle, also in this museum traditional dresses and the other items of historical and cultural importance to the people of the Rwenzoris are exhibited.

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Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Mountains of the Moon is located in western part of Uganda in district of Kasese.