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Health hiking tips for Mountain Rwenzori hikers

Everyone has a different way in which he spends their holidays! Some decide to go to the beach, others party the whole holiday and others go for adventurous safaris to different countries including hiking. However, there is more benefit for those who chose hiking because it is good for their health and they remain physically fit. Hiking sounds like an easy thing but it requires planning just like any other trip. We suggest that you safari Uganda for a hiking safari Uganda to the most treasured mountain in Uganda; Mountain Rwenzori.  

Mount Rwenzori situated inside Mount Rwenzori National Park Uganda is a very unique Uganda safari destination that has a number of tourists for Uganda hiking safaris as it offers its visitors extra and exciting attractions that cannot be found in any other national park in Uganda. Beside hiking this mountain, you will also enjoy game viewing, bird watching, nature walks and cultural encounters. Mountain Rwenzori offers a rare mountain climbing experience to its beautiful glacial peaks that can only be equaled by the Alpine mountains of Europe. Therefore, a visit to this high-altitude place leaves you with a full package of experience one of Uganda’s best safari attractions.

However, you must take caution about your health before you go for a hike and here are some of the health tips to consider before you go hiking;

Mountain climbers should be reasonably fit and without heart or lung problems.

Hikers may not feel hungry once above 3,000m but they should try to eat.

Carbohydrates and fruits are recommended where as rich or fatty foods are discouraged since they are harder to digest.

Take at least three litters of water daily since dehydration is one of the major reasons for failure to complete the climb. Water loss through sweating can also be minimized by taking off some layers of clothes before starting to sweat.

Mountain climbers are highly advised to allow themselves time to acclimatize by taking an extra day over the ascent, eating and drinking properly and trying not to push themselves. This helps to reduce the risk of altitude related illnesses especially for those who go above 3,500m. These are associated with minor symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, breathlessness, sleeplessness and swelling of the hands and feet.

What to carry

Consider water proof hiking Shoes

Your legs’ comfort determines the amount of fun you will have hiking. It also determines the distance that you will comfortably cover and the health of your feet after the hike. Let the only pain that you will experience be the unavoidable muscle pain and not pain caused by inappropriate shoes.

Carry Food Substance

Working out is considered to be ineffective without taking the required food substances. It is like using your energy with nothing to replace it. Carry enough snacks to provide you energy until you come back home.

Carry Enough Drinking Water

Water covers a larger percentage in the human body fluids which makes it a substance that cannot be ignored. Lack of water may result in dehydration which is accompanied by side effects such as drying of lips and stomach disorders. Carry enough water to keep you hydrated all through your hiking.

Don’t Forget Warm Waterproof Clothing

Some people go hiking for one day while others go for more days. Warm clothing may sound ridiculous for people hiking for the first time. If you ask them, they will tell you; when do we wear warm clothing while we are sweating? This question only makes sense when it is a one day hike and there is no rain but are you sure about the weather? Those hiking for many days should never question the suggested clothing because something to warm you through the night while you are resting and waterproof in case it rains or the obvious morning dew is necessary. If you want to avoid arthritis, chest problems, common cold and any diseases resulting from exposure to cold, warm waterproof clothing should never be neglected; just avoid cotton.

You can blend your itinerary with a short Uganda wildlife safari, a Uganda gorilla safari, a Rwanda wildlife safari, depending on your choice.

Want to visit Rwenzori Mountains?

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Mountains of the Moon is located in western part of Uganda in district of Kasese.